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​Weekly Mailing  12/3/2012


HABITACT Peer Review – Thank you to our Ghent colleagues!

Thank you to the Ghent team and all HABITACT members who attended the peer review last week. All presentations will shortly be available in the Members’ area of the HABITACT website, and a meeting report will be sent out to all. We will discuss the peer review in detail at the next HABITACT steering group meeting on Thursday 7 June (day before the European seminar in Brussels on 8 June), and we will also consider proposals for the 2013 HABITACT peer review. Feedback from a number of participants confirmed that we need to reduce the number of participants in HABITACT peer reviews, so that next year we should limit the peer review to approximately 30 people. To be discussed further…


Meeting of Portuguese cities on homelessness

On 5 March 2012, the city of Almada (in the Lisbon region) organised a seminar to gather expertise on tackling homelessness in different Portuguese cities, including Almada, Lisbon, Coimbra, and Setùbal.

There were different approaches to tackling homelessness presented, and different forms of local governance. Lisbon homeless policy and services have a more complex governance mix involving three partners: city administration, Santa Casa Misericordia Lisboa (big religious NGO) and the national Institute for Social Security. Other cities in Portugal tend to have a typical NGO/city relation where NGOs provide most homeless services.

There is quite a bit of local homelessness data available through annual local homelessness mappings in the cities above – we will be sure to add this to the HABITACT online policy bank.

The financial crisis is being felt more than ever in Portugal, but we hope to include some Portuguese cities in the HABITACT network in the future.

The Catholic University of Lisboa is working on a study of homeless migrants in Portugal, and has developed a typology of profiles. The study should be available soon.

New Fund for micro-projects: GIVE EUR-HOPE

GIVE EUR-HOPE (GEH) is a non-profit association which aims to promote the solidarity of EU staff with individuals, families or groups living in poverty and social exclusion in the EU.  GEH aims to provide specific support to associations and NGOs in the EU which combat poverty and social exclusion in EU member states.  Requests for support, which may be submitted at any time by individuals or NGOs working on the ground, are selected according to predefined procedures and criteria.  Projects supported by GEH aim to contribute to combating poverty and social exclusion. They cover principally:

·         the construction or renovation of dwellings and care centres;

·         the setting up of basic health facilities (dispensaries in underprivileged areas, nurses/street nurses);

·         training people on citizenship issues, by informing them about their rights as citizens and imparting the skills required to exercise these rights (literacy support, language classes);

·         initiatives in the socio-cultural field, intended to encourage the sharing of knowledge, including through artistic expression;

·         the setting up or support of professional development and tutorial networks. 

Read more about submitting a project on the GEH website.​




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