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​Weekly Mailing  2/4/2012



HABITACT e-bulletin issue 10 is now available

The March 2012 e-bulletin has been sent out to more than 1000 local contacts across Europe.

As usual, it consists of five sections: HABITACT news, local news, Europe news, local trends, and a focus (this time on EU migration). See the e-bulletin (and past e-bulletins) here.


City of Trento contacts HABITACT

Davide Azzolini from the city of Trento in Italy works for the social services department of the municipality – the department has been involved in a number of actions aimed at tackling problems faced by homeless people.

They are interested in any possible EU funding opportunities and exchanges on local experiences across Europe. They came across the HABITACT website and enquired about membership.

Contact :

Hilton Foundation micro-grants
The Hilton foundation awards grants of up to £10.000 for projects in four chosen areas: disability, children in hospital, homelessness, life-limited children. Please note the next quarterly deadline for grant applications is Tuesday 1 May 2012 at 5.30pm.  You will find their full application pack and guidelines at​




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