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​Weekly Mailing  16/4/2012


Ghent Peer Review meeting report now available

The meeting report of the Ghent peer review which took place on 8-9 March 2012 is now available in the public section of the HABITACT website.

The presentations and the Discussion Paper are in the Members’ area of the website.

Local government Scotland: Toolkit on ensuring justice for homeless people

Guidance for councils from the Local Government Ombudsman on how to ensure they respond appropriately to people who are unintentionally homeless and in priority need, despite cuts to funding and increased pressure on resources. The report outlines the rights of homeless people with regard to the provision of housing. It notes four areas in which councils can cause injustice to homeless people: homelessness prevention; the duty to make enquiries; making applications; and the provision of interim accommodation, and provides good practice advice in relation to each of these areas. See toolkit here

Contacted by city of Almada, Portugal

A social worker from the city of Almada asked some questions about Housing First approaches to homelessness namely in relation to using community or scattered (across the city) settings for HF projects, and in relation to the target group of HF approaches being mainly people with complex support needs, or also "people with less significant or more temporary problems, such as families or individuals who are homeless for economic reasons". Contact person: Helena Garcez​




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