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​Weekly Mailing  30/4/2012


European seminar 8 June 2012, Brussels – Update

So far, over 60 people are registered from different parts of Europe, including local representatives from Baerum, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Kortrijk, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Odense, Vienna

HABITACT members are invited to send us ( the final numbers for their city delegations, since places are filling up fast. Deadline for registrations is 11 May 2012.


EU Structural Funds for housing marginalised groups
A number of countries are working on taking up the ERDF funding for housing marginalised communities (see May 2010 ERDF regulation here), including France, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

If you are also working on this, feel free to contact


EU citizens’ initiative – direct participation in EU decisions

On 1 April 2012 the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) entered into force. The initiative enables one million EU citizens to call directly on the European Commission to propose a legal act. The Committee of the Regions sees an important role for local and regional authorities in the promotion and evaluation of new initiatives. See more here.


European Commission sees social services as a growth sector
The Commission published its ‘employment package’ on 20 April, entitled ‘Towards a job-rich recovery’. It aims to draw governments’ attention to potential job growth areas in the years to come, among them two overlapping sectors: health and social care; personal and household services. In the health and social care area, the employment package includes proposals for Member States to “improve health workforce planning and forecasting to match the demand and supply of health professionals better.” It also proposes to create EU-led opportunities to “exchange on innovative and effective recruitment and retention strategies”. The Commission’s paper identifies challenges for health workforce development, including integrated care models. It argues that “a shift from care in hospitals to the delivery of primary care closer to home” would require “different skill mixes and new ways of working within a wider interdisciplinary team.” The employment package has also launched a consultation on personal and household services. These cover a broad range of activities that contribute to well-being at home of families and individuals: child care, long term care for the elderly and for persons with disabilities, cleaning, remedial classes, home repairs, gardening, ICT support, etc.​




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