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​Weekly Mailing  7/5/2012





Reminder: Last chance to register for 8 June seminar this week

11 May 2012 (this Friday) is the deadline for registering from the European seminar on local homeless strategies taking place in Brussels on Friday 8 June!  More here



EU Committee of the Regions takes position on the future of the structural funds

Concerning the European Social Fund, the Committee of the Regions underlines that the European Social Fund will continue to fulfil its basic mission under the Treaty, which is to "improve employment opportunities for workers", and, at the same time, address the social needs resulting from an exceptionally adverse economic climate by "promoting social inclusion and combating poverty", a goal that is upgraded from an investment priority to a specific thematic objective. More here



Report on Housing First in Europe

A new report, written by Nicholas Pleace of York University and the European Observatory on Homelessness and commissioned by the Délégation interministérielle à l’hébergement et à l’accès au logement (DIHAL) in the French government, presents Housing First and explores its applicability in the French context. The report draws on examples from the US and Europe to identify three broad types of Housing First service (Pathways Housing First, Communal Housing First, Housing First Light). It examines the philosophy and operation of each and to what extent they could help address homelessness in France.



Brittany region takes up ERDF opportunity to fund Housing First projects

Following the adoption of EU regulation No 437/2010 in May 2010 on the use of ERDF to fund housing interventions for marginalised communities, a number of Europe’s regions have decided to take up this opportunity. The region of Brittany in France has published a call for proposals for Housing First projects under the ERDF. More here



FEANTSA April Flash is out

See updates on EU news, FEANTSA news, Homelessness in the headlines and new reports in this month’s FEANTSA Flash​




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