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Weekly Mailing 5/6/2012


HABITACT meeting documents online


Most documents for the meeting on Thursday 7th June are now online in the members’ area of the website
-the agenda
-a summary of 2012 HABITACT activities
-key questions for discussion on the peer review series 2010-2012
-a proposal for e-HABITACT (using web-tools for trans-national exchanges)
-a summary of PHD proposal of Nienke Boesveldt on the governance of homelessness in European metropolises.
Request for cooperation
A Czech NGO (Jako doma) focusing on employment of homeless women has asked for cooperation with HABITACT in the framework of a European Social Fund project of 2 years. They would want us to share some good practices, and attend some meetings in Prague.  It would be enough for the coordinator of the HABITACT network to be involved in this project, however if there is some interest from individual HABITACT cities, please let us know
European seminar 2012 on Twitter
For the first time, our annual European seminar on local homeless strategies will be linked to Twitter.
Key elements of the presentations and discussions will be tweeted, and twitter users who cannot attend the seminar are invited to tweet comments using  #feantsaloc
—    This is an internal weekly mailing for HABITACT and FEANTSA members only!    —





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