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Weekly Mailing 11/6/2012


European seminar on funding strategies – presentations online

All presentations made at the seminar are now available online here. A report of the seminar will be made available in the coming weeks.


Urbact – still possible to join a European project

There is a possibility for cities to join an Urbact European partnership as the 19 selected projects are reaching out to new cities.  There is no project on homelessness, but some projects are indirectly related to homelessness.

See all projects and contact points here.


Report of HABITACT steering group meeting - 7th June 2012

1. Participants from the following cities : Amsterdam, Baerum, Brussels, Copenhagen, Esch-sur-Alzette, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Luxembourg. Apologies from: Dublin, Odense, Sandefjord.

2. EU developments: Concerning the European Commission’s mapping exercise on homelessness in EU27, the cities call for careful coordination of the exercise with relevant ministries and local authorities, in order to get access to correct data on homelessness.

3.HABITACT activities and services : Decision to make online Policy Bank and Peer Review Discussion Papers public (in order to make HABITACT resources more visible/useful), and to look into the use of webinars for policy exchanges in HABITACT and as a way to involve experts from outside of Europe.

4. Peer review series 2010-2012: general interest in Dublin proposal to host 2013 HABITACT peer review, especially under the Irish presidency of the EU; decision to limit number of peer review participants to 25; external speakers are welcome but it would be important to have part of the peer review for cities only; important to link study visits to a theoretical model, while still remaining practical enough.

5. European projects : We had an update from Volker Busch-Geertsema on first results of the Housing First Europe social experimentation project ; Two social experimentation project applications are pending approval later this year (one led by Amsterdam city on meaningful occupation for homeless people, and one led by the French government on Housing First and social experimentation methodologies) - if these applications are successful, this will open up opportunities for funded training seminars for HABITACT members.

6. Key themes for HABITACT to work on in the future: meaningful occupation/employability, social work approaches (especially impact of Housing First on social work), prevention of homelessness, and integration of Eastern European migrants.

7. Save the date: The steering group will next meet in Barcelona linked to the FEANTSA conference on migration and homelessness on 16 November 2012. Housing First Europe final conference will be on 13 and 14 June 2013.

8. Ideas for budget left over for 2012: commission research on issues of interest (example international literature review of independent policy/service evaluations), collect good practices in HABITACT cities to showcase work, support travel of some cities to the next meeting in Barcelona, organise a webinar, print more HABITACT publications.

9. You’ll find the meeting documents online in HABITACT members’ area.





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