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Weekly Mailing 16/7/2012


Quarterly update on health approaches to homelessness

The ENHW Newsletter n°15 – Summer 2012 is now available online at the following address:

The newsletter is published in the framework of the European Network of Homeless Health Workers, which brings together health professionals working with people who are homeless across the EU. It is a multi-disciplinary initiative, aimed at all persons working with homeless people in a health capacity, across all areas of mental and physical health. The ENHW is a free initiative. You can send articles or information for inclusion in future issues or flag up relevant events. If you know of colleagues who you think would be interested, please pass on the newsletter to them.


HABITACT and social networks

We are keen to understand to what extent social networks can help build the HABITACT network online.

If you are active users of LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, please let us know. Or if you have any strong opinions on the use of these networks (pros and cons), please contact us here:


Glasgow conference on Housing First

Turning Point Scotland is hosting a conference in Glasgow on September 11th 2012 regarding the Housing First model. Housing First is an innovative model designed to address homelessness, originating in the US, but now being developed in Europe. Individuals at risk of homelessness and involved in drug misuse, have mental health or family issues, are placed directly into independent tenancies instead of through transitional housing programmes.  The keynote speaker is Sam Tsemberis, the founder of Pathways to Housing that developed the model in New York. They will also have workshops looking at aspects of the model as applied in Vienna, Marseille, Wales, London and Glasgow. Full details can be found at


WILCO – Welfare innovations at the local level in favour of social cohesion

This is a multi-annual European research project (2010-2013) which is carrying out various pieces of research on local welfare policies – some of the outputs so far include references to homelessness.

See all reports here:


Summer break – Have a great one!

Weekly mailings will stop for the next few weeks and start again on 13 August 2012.​




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