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Weekly Mailing 9/7/2012


HABITACT peer review 2013

The city of Dublin (namely the Dublin Region Homelessness Executive) has proposed to host the 2013 HABITACT peer review, making it the fourth city to host a peer review after Amsterdam (2010), Gothenburg (2011), Ghent (2012).  A date is still to be fixed for the peer review.  Please note the peer review is open to HABITACT members only.


European Review of policy/service evaluation methodologies: a practical guide for HABITACT policy-makers

We are in the process of commissioning from the University of York a European review which will explore and critically assess the methods that are used to evaluate responses to homelessness at two levels: 1. The Review will look at evaluation methodologies used to assess individual homelessness services, including accommodation-based services, outreach services; mobile/floating support services (both preventative and resettlement services); ‘daytime’ services including daycentres, education, training and employment related services and also primary health care services specifically targeted on homeless people. 2. The Review will also look at the evaluation methodologies used to assess the effectiveness of entire programmes of service provision and regional and national level homelessness strategies.  

The idea is to provide a practical guide for local policy-makers on existing methodologies for homelessness policy and service evaluation. The University of York will work on the Review from October to December 2012, so the report will be ready early January 2013.


Personalised budgets for rough sleepers – a social experimentation project?

In 2011, the Welsh government decided to adopt an Individual Budget approach in four pilot areas: Cardiff, Newport, North Wales Housing and jointly Swansea and Bridgend. The pilots began in July 2011 and are due to conclude in July 2013. The University of Salford has been engaged to conduct an evaluation of the pilots. The Welsh government is considering the possibility of submitting a bid under the next PROGRESS social experimentation call to evaluate the use of personal budgets using randomised control trials – the project could take place in Wales using the four pilot areas and a sample group of recipients for local authorities who have not adopted the approach. If your local authority is potentially interested in testing such an approach, contact​




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