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​Weekly Mailing  19/12/2011




HABITACT is involved in two EU social experimentation bids

Under PROGRESS (the EU funding programme on employment and social solidarity), a call for proposals on social experimentation was published earlier this year targeting financial support at countries embarking on welfare reforms. The funds of this call will enable countries to experiment policy changes in the social field before implementing them, if successful, on a wider scale. HABITACT is involved in two bids, one submitted by the French government and one submitted by the Municipality of Amsterdam, both testing policies in the area of homelessness and active inclusion of vulnerable groups. This effectively means that HABITACT cities may have the opportunity from 2013 to take part in more European research/exchange events. See more here about the PROGRESS call and contact us at for specific information about the two bids.


E-Bulletin issue 9 out now!

Issue 9 of the HABITACT e-bulletin has now been published. In addition to local and EU news on homelessness, it contains a brief focus on criminalisation and homelessness. You can download the e-bulletin here.


Meeting with US student

HABITACT office met US student, Cory Potts, from Washington University. He is researching the post-judgment phase of homeless people who have been fined for “misuse” of public space e.g. how does a criminal record affect attempts to get access to housing. He is currently studying the process in a few Belgian cities. More information, contact


HABITACT office contacted by German tourist

We received an unusual message from a German tourist who cannot cancel his hotel booking in Venice (Italy) for 26 and 27 December, and who therefore wishes to contact the city of Venice to see if the hotel booking can be used to house two homeless people for two nights. Christmas tends to bring out generosity in people…​




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