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​Weekly Mailing  23/01/2012



Call for information: University College London compiling European city data on homelesness

Lucia Corno, economist working for the CReAM in London (part of University College London) has contacted us about a comparative study they are carrying out on social and homeless policy.

To this end, they are compiling a database of homelessness data in EU cities (namely ETHOS 1 and 2). They would like to work with FEANTSA and HABITACT to validate the data, or fill any data gaps that currently exist.

They are currently lacking data for the following cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Bratislava, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Kiev, Madrid, Moscos, Paris, Vienna, and Warsaw. If your city is in this list and you have recent data on homelessness, feel free to send it to


A look across the Atlantic: US Report on homelessness in 29 cities
The U.S Conference of Mayors issued its annual report on homelessness and hunger in December 2011. The report focuses on the results of a survey issued to 29 cities. The survey can be found hereThe full article can be found here.  The main findings of the survey were:

  • 42% of the 29 cities surveyed reported an increase in homelessness. The report found that the increase in homelessness is driven more by persistent unemployment rates than by foreclosures and evictions.
  • Unemployment was the number one response to the survey as the cause of family and individual homelessness. Lack of affordable housing was the second.
  • Respondents to the study mentioned that HUD's Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing program was crucial to the implementation of various programs to address homelessness.
  • 70% of emergency shelters surveyed reported turning away homeless people seeking help because there was no more capacity. The majority of cities also expect a decline in funding/resources for emergency shelters in the future.​




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